This is a suggested solution for GCE O Level Pure Physics, Year 2019, Paper 2, Section B, Question 11 (a) &(b).

In the first part, (a), of this question, candidates are required to describe the effects of unbalanced forces on the motion of an object. Then in the second part, (b), the diagram of a climber is provided with the weight acting downwards as shown in the below diagram. Candidates are required to draw arrows to show the directions of the other forces acting on the climber.

Suggested Solution:

(a)If forces acting on an object is not balanced, they produce a resultant force (that is not zero) on the object. The object will accelerate and move in the direction of the resultant force. The product of the mass and acceleration of the object is equal to the resultant force.

(b) The forces, tension and contact force are as shown below:

GCE O Level Physics Answer-mountain climbers-N2019-P2-B11-ans