This is a suggested answer to the GCE O Level Pure Physics examination, year 2013, Paper 1, multiple choice question 6.

The questio.n stated that a swimmer jumped into a deep pool and the following information were provided:

  • Mass of swimmer =60kg
  • deceleration in the water =16 m/s2
  • gravitation field strength=10N/kg

The student is required to compute the Weight and Resultant Force of the swimmer.

Suggested Solution

Answer is C. That is, Weight =600N, Resultant Force=960N.


When the swimmer jumps into the water, her weight is:

      W=mass x gravitational field strength

= 60kg x 10N/kg


When the swimmer is in the water, the water resistance is a frictional force, known as drag, that opposes her downward motion and cause her to decelerate. The resultant force is given by:

Resultant Force, F = Mass x acceleration

   = 60 kg x 16 m/s2

    = 960N