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Each course is carefully crafted to help students learn each Physics concept in less than 10 minutes.

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Grasp a concept in minutes

Every video in this lesson is carefully designed to be less than 10 minutes. So a student can learn an important concept in under 10 minutes! You will never be bored. Although it is video learning, there are no time wasting actions like a teacher talking, pausing, thinking or writing. We know you have no time for that.

Animated illustration

Understanding Physics concept requires you to know what it means in everyday real-life activities. Therefore, students learn a scientific formula with understanding of what that formula means by seeing it visually being illustrated.

Immediate Application/ Short Quiz

Immediately after you have learned an important concept, you will be guided to apply the concept you have learned to solve commonly asked examination question. This not only reinforces your learning, it gives you a good perspective of how you will be tested in examination. 

Learn on the go..

We understand how little time students have. So we have designed the course to be mobile friendly such that you can do your learning on the train or bus, or even while you are walking on your treadmill… It works seamlessly well on mobile phones and tablets.

And you will get much more…

Get Study Tip and Learn Effectively

For every topic, we tell you the secret to mastering each topic–how to approach your learning of the concepts and what you must know at finger tips.

Master the different types of Questions

Study smartly by knowing the different categories of commonly asked examination questions that can possibly appear in exam.

Access to last minute revision notes

For every lesson, we summarize the key takeaways. These are useful notes for quick revision the night before your exam.

Clarify misconceptions

Discover  common misconceptions or mistakes that students tend to make and how to correctly answer a question by knowing the marking scheme.

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I have always find Physics, especially Newtonian Physics, very difficult. I do not understand what my school teacher is teaching and I lost all interest in Physics. But when I watch the ScoreAinExam video lessons, every concept become so simple! Now I love Physics!

Janice Lim

Sec 3 Student, Singapore

Two weeks before my exam, I could not do a single Physics question in the school mock exam. Someone introduced me to ScoreAinExam. I bought all the 6 topics and learned them all in just 1 day. I managed to pass my exam with a B!

Tay Soon Lam

Sec 3 Student, Singapore




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